50ml/2 shots Vodka
75ml/3 shots Cawston Press Tomato Juice
10ml/2 tsp Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed (juice from approx. ¼ lemon)
8 drops Tabasco
5 dashes/1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
10ml/2 tsp Sherry, dry – either Fino/Manzanilla or Dry Amontillado
2 pinches Celery Salt (or Sea Salt)
3 grinds Black Pepper

Everyone has their preferred spice levels for a Bloody Mary, but the following is how we like ours. The Fino Sherry is a fairly well known addition but we find the nutty, raisiny, savoury character of a Dry Amontillado gives an added complexity.

A Bloody Mary should be thick and not diluted too much by ice. Hence you want to premix the ingredients in the glass and then add the ice to the glass directly from the freezer. This avoids having to stir the drink with the ice, which will dilute the drink.

Take a Collins glass, add all of the ingredients and give it a good stir. Add ice to fill the glass and serve.

When it comes to garnish we like it plain and simple. A celery stick makes it more special if serving to others but to avoid a poke in the eye we remove before drinking, so we don’t disturb the enjoyment of this classic drink.