Here at cawston press, we’ve taken a sustainable stride by embracing tethered caps, a pivotal step towards a greener future. despite encountering a few bumps during this innovative journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to quality. to ensure your experience is top-notch, here are some handy hints for the perfect pour with our products. join us as we pave the way to more eco-concious world...

Step 1 - Twist Left to Open Step 2 - Push Back, Cap Stays Attached Step 3 - Click Closed (Gently Does It) Step 4 - Twist Left to Reopen

step by step guide

Before we start please only open the carton with your hands... no pliers required (we promise)

  1. Twist left to open – give it a full turn (depends on the cap but at least once)
  2. Push back – pour to your hearts content and enjoy
  3. Click shut with caution – they’re a bit fragile (we’re working on it) but gently does it!
  4. Twist left to reopen – remember it might take more than one turn

And there you go, a perfect pour every time!


The European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive includes a requirement for all single-use beverage containers to come with their caps attached by July 2024 to help ensure the caps are disposed of and recycled together with the rest of the pack. Even the UK is outside the EU most manufacturers are changing to tethered caps to meet the EU rules.
Cawston Press has always recommended putting the cap back on your rinsed and squashed empty carton, so the new tethered cap will just help with that. Putting the cap back on helps to reduce accidental littering and gets more plastic into the recycling stream

 Please recycle the carton as normal with the cap on. The cap assembly will be separated from the carton in the recycling plant and the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic in it can then be sorted for plastic recycling and made into other products (like furniture and building materials).

The cap is made of polyethylene (PE) plastic and mount is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic.

We are continuing to sell all our cartons with our old non-tethered caps, but our factory is now producing 100% cartons with tethered caps so there will be a gradual transition to the new caps.

(if it somehow detaches) Yes – please recycle as normal

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