Goodness from the Inside Out

At Cawston Press, we get emotional about ingredients, with added sugars and sweeteners making us feel anger and fake fruitiness giving us anxiety. That’s why you won’t find any of that "jiggery-pokery" in our range. Just fruity goodness serving up everyday moments of joy. 

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1. Net Zero

The world needs to act now to slow global warming. So we pledge to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and publish our progress every year.

2. Reducing emissions

Every kilo of carbon counts. so we will make Cawston better for the planet by cutting emissions where we can make the most impact.

3. Less food waste

No leftovers left behind. We will work even harder to cut food waste in our own business, as well as in our own backyards and beyond our own four walls

4. packaging waste

We’re doing our utmost to reduce our packaging whilst keeping it (and others) out of landfill and in the loop, by using more and more recycled materials and our voice to help us all recycle more.

5. responsible sourcing

Partnership equals power. We'll keep working with our suppliers to make everything we and they do as planet and people friendly as possible - from field to factory, warehouse to store.

6. Healthier choices

No 'jiggery pokery' is our mantra. That means our drinks will always be made from pressed fruit. No added sugar, no sweeteners, no concentrates, no shortcuts.

8. Healthier team

Flexible working, mental health first aiders, charity days and more. We are always looking for new ways to help our people and colleagues lead happier and healthier lives.

9. more diversity, equity & inclusion

Cawston Press is a 'no judgement, no prejudice' space. And we will keep striving to turn those fine words into concrete deeds - both inside and outside our business.

10. more team action

Many hands make light work. We will make sustainability part of everyone's day job. And empower them to make greener choices, from travelling lighter to recycling more.


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