Chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Lisbon!

Chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Lisbon!

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April 2024

Here at Cawston Press, we get emotional about our ingredients, with added sugars creating anger and fruit fakery serving anxiety. That’s why you won’t find any of that jiggery-pokery in our range. Just naturally fruity goodness serving up everyday moments of joy. 

We're proud to announce our collaboration with Disney and Pixar’s much anticipated family friendly release ‘Inside Out 2’ this summer. Kicking-off with a on-pack promotion on our child-friendly Fruit Water range, the promotion offers families a chance to win a grand prize of a family holiday to Lisbon. The on-pack promotion will be live on Fruit Water packs from 27th April 2024 through to 31st August 2024 on 3x200ml packages in major supermarkets. 

Running across Apple & Summer Berries, Apple & Pear, Apple & Mango and the recently launched Sunshine Orange. All flavours are school approved and provide a child-friendly vegan option for lunch boxes, picnics and family days out.

You'll will have the chance to win a family trip to Lisbon, including a 5 nights'
stay in luxury hotel accommodation and arranged travel. The prize package also includes fun activities in Lisbon, including a private guided tour of Sintra, a street art tour and cooking class. Enter by scanning the QR code which can be found on the cartons of its 3x200ml Fruit Water packs, and submit your details. 

All our drinks are made the right way with natural ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and no added sugars. 

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