400g rhubarb, ‘forced’ if able to get hold of, leaves and woody bases removed, cut into 4-5cm batons
50g sugar
The juice from 1 orange

When we’re not drinking rhubarb, we’re daydreaming about how to cook with it and right now, we’re in the middle of ‘forced’ rhubarb season.

From January right up until the end of March (if we’re very lucky), forced rhubarb is grown in sheds without any light. It’s this that gives rhubarb its beautiful bright pink colour.

To the discerning palate, the resulting rhubarb is intense in flavour and sweeter than the main crop grown outside (although it’s still not really that sweet when cooked without sugar).

We like to stew our rhubarb and this easy-peasy rhubarbalicious recipe goes perfectly with breakfast, lunch and pudding. We use 400g of rhubarb (as this is usually how much you get in one bag) but you can multiply it accordingly.


Put all ingredients into a pan, bring to a simmer, put the lid on and turn the heat to very low.

Cook for 5-10 mins, turning the rhubarb halfway through.

Remove from the heat when about half of the rhubarb looks soft and stringy.

Allow to cool in the pan, by which time the residual heat should have softened the harder batons.

Our Serving Suggestions
Simply stir our stew into porridge or yoghurt (yum).

For a savoury-sweet breakfast on sourdough toast, spread generously with ricotta and season with salt and pepper.

Lunch or Dinner
Serve with oily fish such as mackerel or sardines. The sourness of the rhubarb cuts through the richness of the fish.

Serve with pork instead of apple sauce.

Serve with cream, ice cream or custard.