Sparkling Ginger Beer (24/48 pack)
Sparkling Ginger Beer (24/48 pack)

Sparkling Ginger Beer (24/48 pack)

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Made with ginger extract, pressed apples & sparkling water. Our fiery tribute to a timeless classic.

Using just apple juice to sweeten, we use two different ginger extracts with distinct qualities – one more earthy and fiery, the other giving citrussy notes – to give a complexity of flavour.

330ml Cans, contains natural fruit sediment

Size:24 Pack



Aroma: Intense, complex ginger including aromas of both fresh and ground ginger, as well as citrus. Some apple notes in the background.
Taste: Initial sweetness is followed by spicy, mildly fiery ginger hit with apple in the background, leaving an agreeable warmth in the mouth.

Per 100ml:

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