1. Who are Cawston Press?

  2. Where can I buy your drinks?

  3. How many calories are there in your cans?

  4. Are your drinks vegan?

  5. What’s the difference between ‘concentrate’ and ‘not from concentrate’ juice?

  6. Do you use wonky fruit?

  7. Can I recycle your cans?

  8. How do you sweeten your drinks?

  9. Do you use sweeteners such as stevia in your products?

Who are Cawston Press?

We’re a group of people who all know and care about good quality fruit and ingredients. A collective of growers, foodies, buyers and technical experts all united by the desire to make great tasting drinks.

We’ve been pressing fruit for the last 30 years. It all began with the humble apple, and we’ve been growing ever since.Today, our drinks are inspired by ingredients straight from the great British kitchen garden, from rhubarb to elderflower.

We started Cawston Press because we were frustrated by the lack of quality soft drinks made from natural ingredients, without the preservatives and other nasties that gave soda a bad name.

We use simple ingredients, picked at their peak then pressed in a can or a carton. Simple, really.

Where can I buy your drinks?

You’ll find us online at Amazon and in The Fresh Market, Whole Foods Market (Atlantic region), Central Market, Hannaford and HEB as well as cafes and small independent stores across the USA.

How many calories are there in your cans?

Our sparkling 330ml cans all come under 90 calories.

On the one hand, people find the ‘low calorie’, ‘no added sugar’ promise of diet drinks enticing. On the other, they still like to see real ingredients that they know and understand.

Zero or low calories has normally been reached through artificial means so we’ve never seen calories as ‘dirty’, or the root of all evils. Quite the opposite. We’ve always believed natural is best and that, as with most of life’s great pleasures, it’s just a question of moderation

Are your drinks vegan?

Absolutely. None of our ingredients come from animals, in any shape or form. And they’re all naturally caffeine-free, sodium-free and gluten-free, with no GMO ingredients.

What’s the difference between ‘concentrate’ and ‘not from concentrate’ juice?

Our recipes are just that – recipes, created in a kitchen, not a lab but we get this question a lot, so let’s talk science for just a moment.

‘Concentrate’ is made by heating juice under a vacuum, to remove up to 80% of the water. Then enzymes are added, to make it clear rather than cloudy. This whole process changes the color and flavor of the juice. Before it’s bottled and sold, the water is added back in, along with extra flavors to make up for the ones that were lost.

‘Not from concentrate’ juice (like ours), is made just by pressing the fruit. That’s it. We just flash pasteurise it to kill off the natural yeasts and bacteria, so far more of the flavor and goodness stays in.

We think that when you have the best ingredients, they should be handled with care. The more you process them, the less you can taste their true flavor. That’s why we only use pressed fruit juice. Nothing else comes close.

Do you use wonky fruit?

The only test our ingredients have to pass is a taste test, not a beauty parade. We don’t care if it’s too big or a bit wonky.

All that matters to us is that we’re making the best tasting drinks we can. And if we can stop perfectly good food going to waste at the same time, then that makes us happy too.

Can I recycle your cans?

Yes – absolutely.

All our cans are made with recyclable materials.


How do you sweeten your drinks?

We tried and tested lots of different ingredients in a bid to make the best tasting drinks we could. We went around in circles and came back to what we’ve always known – that nature does it best. And as a business with 30 years of experience pressing apples the answer was simple: fruit juice, of course.

By using pressed juice and not added sugar or artificial sweeteners we’ve believe we’ve found the perfect ‘sweet spot’ that people are looking for.


Do you use sweeteners such as stevia in your products?

We want to keep creating drinks we love to drink ourselves and delicious taste just isn’t something we are willing to compromise on. Artificial sweeteners mask the taste of our fruit juice and they just aren’t us. We tried Stevia and, although we liked that it was a natural ingredient, it had an odd after taste that none of us liked so we ruled it out pretty early on.