Our Story so Far

We started out with a lot of apple trees, 30 years ago. and we’ve been pressing fruit ever since.

We take our inspiration from the great british allotment, and the tastes and smells of summers past.


We harvest the best fruit while it’s brimming with flavour

We press it and blend it with sparkling water
No need to add sugars or sweeteners

To make our drinks in cans

Making Fizzy Good Again

We miss the days when a ‘fizzy’ drink meant a lunch break, a baking hot day, time off and time out.

When drinking a can of pop was always ‘oo, that’d be nice’.

At Cawston Press we want to get some of that back: what if we could put it all in a can, but without the sugar that gave ‘fizzy’ its bad name?

So we did.


Every can of Cawston is pressed fruit and a little fizz.

The sweetness comes from the pressed fruit, nothing else. No sugar, no fake sugar, no shortcuts.

We know if we use good ingredients, we can make great drinks in a can.

We’re showing the rest of the soft drinks world how it should be done.


We believe natural is best. So we only use pressed fruit, not concentrates. We shun fake sugars, colours, preservatives and other nasties. And we keep our ingredients list as clean as possible, using things you’d find in your kitchen or garden.

We’re constantly trying to solve the conundrum of packaging. At the moment we use recyclable Tetra cartons, 100% recyclable cans and recyclable straws (pop them in the carton when you recycle them). We know there is more that we can do, so we’ll never stop looking for better, greener ways to do things.

We may still be small(ish) but we can still be a force for good in the world. We donate lots of drinks to good causes and local charities. And we give all our people time off to volunteer for charities that mean something to them.

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Join Us

It takes all sorts to help us grow – tasters, designers, sales and marketing people, finance people. you name it.

If you’re always banging on about real ingredients and love food & drink and want to be part of a small and nimble team, you could be one of us.


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